Penn State's "Classy" Fans

Discussion in 'Miscellanous' started by jtothero, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Jbuckeye333

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    Exactly! I can't say I never acted like that, but throwing stuff or causing bodily harm. NEVER!!!! the verbal jeers are more than enough!
  2. Agent Johnny Utah

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    i didn't realize that they were all from the same frat...that's so classless. I mean, they were hanging out for an hour and then the crowd decided to turn on their guests.

    it would be one thing if those guys tried to crash a private frat party in OSU jerseys, that's just straight retarded. but to chase out your own guests like that, pathetic.

    i'm sure that party was loads of fun by about 11:45 when the nits were thoroughly stomped at home.

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