12 year old with insane moves!

Discussion in 'Miscellanous' started by ScarletMerica, Jul 21, 2008.

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    white reggie bush?
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    So, are we recruiting this kid for 2014 yet?
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    Usually, I hate it when people show these PRETEENS stuff - it means NOTHING. You can be an allamerican freshman in HS (just as an example), but if you don't develop, a lot of guys end up being nothing just four years later. This kid has what, 8 years till college?

    1. His ego will be off the charts. What I see a lot is that the kid, if he falters at all, will blame outside forces for his mistakes because people show this stuff online so he automatically thinks he's something.
    2. The kid does have some moves. It's odd how he runs like an older kid. It's not just that he's faster.

    It tickes me off when parents are responsable for their kids, and growing them and watching them mature. Instead, they want the kid to see his face on youtube so he thinks he's something. If I had to bet money - I'd say he doesn't make allconference on a D-1 school, IF he makes it that far.

    As for LeBron - everyone knew he had one year before he went pro - there's a SLIGHT difference there. 6 or 7 years to one. And, the NBA is an easier transition from 18 year old to 19 year old. Not 12 to 18.

    After watching Wie through away her career, or at the least the start of it, I'm sick of this. And if you don't think Wie is finished - read between the lines.
    1. Sure she has fans, but she's aniliated most of the public.
    2. She's aniliated most of her fellow LPGA golfers. It's been documented multiple times - some golfers who may be playing well that week will go to either side of Wie and start pounding the ball just a little farther than her at the range. Then, Wie switches to a short iron to practice accuracy, and both other girls will switch to put the ball a little closer to the hole. It's mean, yes, but #3 shows why.
    3. She hasn't won a single tournament - on ANY TOUR!!!! She can't win on the LPGA, but she proclaims she's dominated the LPGA already and is ready for the mens.
    4. She can't even make the cut on a mens tour event with NONE, NONE, NONE of the top 50 men in it. Meaning if it were a major, Wie, at best, couldn't finish in the top 130 or so.
    And it's all because her parents wouldn't let her mature as a young adult.
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    6 is more like it, but you make great points.

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