What is your favorite defense? (scheme)

Discussion in 'NFL Football' started by BUCKS28, Jul 15, 2008.

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    The 3-4 or the 4-3. I know there are hundreds of other defensive schemes out there but I am taking the two basic ones that most teams run. My favorite, personally is the 3-4. I am very excited now that the Fins are introducing this to their Defense. They are going to run a pre-dominantly 3-4/hybrid type defense and I am very happy cause I think this fits us best.

    WE have at our DL, Matt Roth who is a solid pass rushing 3-4 DE, Jason Ferguson who is a giant NT, and Philip Merling who is going to play on the other side of Roth. At LB, it is perfect. Jason Taylor is going to play the weakside OLB, because he is too small to play 3-4 DE, and he is a great pass rusher off the edge. Strong Inside LB is going to be Channing Crowder, who I am hoping is going to be the team leader and wear the headset. It is down to him and Yeremiah Bell for the headset. I feel that Crowder deserves it. At weak Inside LB, Akin Ayodele, acquired in a trade is going to be a good fit there. He played there in Jacksonville and Dallas. At the Strongside OLB is going to be Joey Porter. He is back in his home. That is the reason that Porter didn't play so well, in a lot of people's mind, cause he was playing 4-3 OLB, where he has played 3-4 OLB his entire career with Pittsburgh.

    So, it should be watching the 3-4 in the Fins defense this year.

    What is your guy's favorite scheme and what does your team run?
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    I like the 4-3 also but I think the Browns run a 3-4 scheme.

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