Game 6: Ohio State 23 vs. Purdue 7 (Final)

Discussion in '2007 Season' started by ScarletMerica, Sep 30, 2007.

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    In regards to Boekman playing poorly, I didn't watch the entire game, but the two interceptions that I saw weren't too bad of passes. They were deep balls, which can't be 100% accurate all of the time

    On both the interceptions that I saw, the receivers were just as much to blame as the QB. Both times, the receivers had two hands on the ball, but just didn't win the fight for the ball. These guys are taught to either come up with it, or knock it down, and they failed to do that. Of course, like most of you are saying, they weren't the greatest passes. The one to Robiskie had too much air under it, giving the safety all the time in the world to make a play on the ball, but it is the receiver's responsibility to win that fight for the ball.

    Nothing against our receivers, I love 'em, but I think Todd is catching too much of the criticism.
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    I agree, even though I do believe that at times, Boeckman needs to put a little more zip on those deep balls. Sure the floater looks pretty but not when the safety has time to admire it all the way into his open arms.
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    Agree here with hollis' take on the receivers' responsibility to win those jump balls. We have taller receivers out there and they should be counted on to win most of those battles, or at least become a DB and knock down sure INTs. You don't want to handcuff Boeckman into not throwing those deep balls anymore just because of the INT risk, that's not what I nor the rest of the Buckeye faithful want to see at all, maybe he just needs to let it go a bit earlier and with a little more zip.

    Again we seem to be nitpicking now, but that's a sign of a good team. Just keep getting better until you get that perfect game...

    I love lil' animal's attitude after the game, he was pissed that they did not get the shutout, and said they are still far away from perfect and will strive to get better. You get a whole team with that kind of attitude and drive and you will see a national championship.

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    The defense is unstoppable! Now if we can get some consistent O play.

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